Super  Star

Super Star

Super Star, yes that’s his legal name, is a musician, author, life coach, motivational speaker. He is a former owner/president of a successful, cutting-edge computer consulting firm which he lost to a drug addiction. This journey through addiction and into recovery has led Super Star to find his passion within. He has subsequently rebuilt a life of purpose and commitment geared toward anti-substance abuse campaigning. He made the courageous leap to relentlessly pursue his vision and make it a reality. He found the resilience to bounce back and the persistence to keep pressing forward when doors kept closing in front of him. He overcame obstacles with a creative boldness to invent the life he was born to live. Super Star penned the critically acclaimed book, The First 30 Days to Serenity. Alongside his twin brother, Super Star co-created Serenity, a CD featuring a host of world renowned artists. Super Star is a sought after speaker for schools, events, radio, television and print, sharing his knowledge and experience. Super Star’s goal is to engage others in crucial conversation about the impact of substance use disorder, bringing awareness that addiction is a disease and that there is a light out of the darkness -- there is HOPE. Super Star communicates in an honest and effective manner offering inspiration and hope to others through his powerful message of rebranding sobriety and dream catching. He has been presenting his message to schools and communities for 2+ years.