Dylan  Graetz

Dylan Graetz

Dylan Graetz is a joint MD/MPH student at the University of Connecticut. She is a Connecticut native who grew up south of New Haven. Dylan completed her undergraduate degree at Middlebury College in Vermont, where she majored in English Literature. Dylan has always been interested in travel and global health. During college she volunteered as a Spanish translator on a medical trip to Honduras and then spent six months abroad in Chile where she worked on the pediatric ward of a community hospital. After college, Dylan spent a year in San Francisco, working on a teen safety campaign for Planned Parenthood and at a primary care clinic for LGBT women. Dylan returned to Connecticut in the fall of 2009 to begin medical school. Last year, after completing Step 1 of her medical boards, Dylan dedicated a year to pursuing her MPH. As part of this year she spent 4 months in Mumbai, India where she conducted anemia research with adolescent girls in a low-income community. Dylan has now returned to her clinical studies and is in her third year of medical training back in Hartford, Connecticut.