Autumn  Stringam

Autumn Stringam

Autumn grew up in a bipolar household, losing both her grandfather and her mother to suicide by the age of 21. At 19, Autumn was diagnosed with Bipolar I with rapid cycles and Schizophrenic tendencies and before long had tried 13 different drug combinations, to no avail. Hospitalization and regular emergency visits to the doctor for sedative injections were common when each of the drug combinations stopped working. Since starting the micronutrient therapy in 1995, which finally resolved her symptoms, Autumn has become an author, magazine contributor, public speaker and political advocate for the rights of the mentally ill. She is a mother of four and has dedicated her life to breaking the cycle of illness that plagued her family. She is educating and supporting other people who want to find total healing from the aftermath of mental illness. Autumn’s inspiring memoir, “A Promise of Hope” (HarperCollins, 2007) is available on