Vicki  Kunkel

Vicki Kunkel

Vicki Kunkel is currently a digital content strategist working at the intersection of journalism, technology, and interactive consumer education. She creates interactive branded news sites, eLearning programs, and mobile apps that educate, inform, build customer and employee loyalty, and drive sales. She was a panelist along with Tony Robins and Stephen Covey on the League of Extraordinary Minds radio show speaking about her breakthrough research in social anthropology and how it impacts our present day communications. She is also the recipient of the Illinois Womens Bar Associations, Women With Vision award, and Nalco Companys, Innovation award for her cutting edge digital content and eLearning initiatives. Vicki is the author of best selling book Instant Appeal, The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success. Her current company is called Digital Wits, which creates online educational digital content for employee, consumer, and patient eLearning, and interactive news sites.