Daniel  Schumaker

Daniel Schumaker

Daniel Schumaker of Contrast Designs specializes in crime scene reconstruction with state-of-the-art equipment & media. With 25 years’ experience in creating information visuals for government agencies & Fortune 500 companies, Daniel saw a need for greater accuracy in quality visual communication to convey critical details & processes in the court room and in presentation to juries. Some of the tools Daniel uses are a robotic surveying laser to measure a crime scene and an aerial drone to video or photograph a geographic area. In addition, Contrast Design is the only US company with wireless motion capture capabilities for accurate real-time recording of human movements. Daniel has worked on over 60 criminal trials, 21 civil trials, and has been provided his expert expertise in another 22 trials, He has been the only court-approved person court to enter, measure, & photograph the interior of Pelican Bay Prison to reconstruct a homicide.