David  Pestalozzi

David Pestalozzi

David Pestalozzi, son of the founder of Bio-Strath (also known as Strath) is CEO and Managing Director of this highly successful self-made Swiss company. Directing a staff of 18, the family firm, Bio-Strath*amazingly supplies half the world with its natural food supplement, managing to hold its own against pharmaceutical giants. A testimony unto itself, Bio-Strath AG has been successfully marketing the same product, unchanged, for almost 50 years! Fred Pestalozzi, David’s father set up the company in 1961. In 1948 he met German chemist, Walter Strathmeyer. His interest was piqued due to his medical condition; Meniere’s disease. After taking Strath, life changed for Fred. His health improved dramatically. Today Strath is sold in over 50 countries across the world. Since 1964 the production plant for “Strath” has been based above Herrliberg. David Pestalozzi carries forward the tradition with a range of Strath*(Bio-Strath) products. More info and images visit gracegawlermedia.com