Andrea  Carmen

Andrea Carmen

Andrea Carmen is from the Yaqui Nation, and the Executive Director of the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC), She has years of experience working with Indigenous communities from North, Central, South America and the Pacific. She was a founding member of the Indigenous Initiative for Peace with Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu and has participated as a human rights observer and mediator in crises situations in the US, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and Ecuador. She participated in many United Nations bodies addressing human rights, sustainable development, environmental justice and Indigenous Peoples, and was IITC’s team leader for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In 1997, she was one of two Indigenous representatives to formally address the UN General Assembly for the first time in history at the UN Earth Summitt +5. She is a co-founder of the International Indigenous Women’s Environmental and Reproductive Health Initiative.