Rozz  Hopson

Rozz Hopson

Rozz Hopson has spent her life moving through barriers to uncover her true self. What has emerged is a woman who can be herself anywhere. Born in 1970 rural Arkansas, she grew up in a black suburb in Denver with her younger sister and was co-raised by her mother and great aunt. After high school she moved to Washington DC and worked to put herself through college. She took courses at various schools, yet always felt out of place. Where she felt at home was in the office. Rozz loved solving problems, crunching numbers & supporting others so she focused her efforts on the business world. In ‘97 she moved to San Diego and began working for a firm as an accounting clerk. Although she never completed her degree she has progressed with the company and is now the VP of Operations. Rozz also loves to sing and share her gift. She performs many genres including Divine chanting. Rozz continues to work to clear the barriers that would keep her and others from sharing their true selves as well.