Bob  Hettiger

Bob Hettiger

Born in the South Side of Chicago, Bob served in the Army for two years during the Vietnam era, before getting into a car accident at home. He required two years of rehab in the VA Hospital but was left a paraplegic. Afterwards, he attended Southern Illinois University in a wheelchair until he developed pressure sores which required eight more years of surgeries and healing. He moved to San Diego and worked for twenty years for the Department of Defense as a programmer. He fell in love with sailing and co-founded Challenged America, a program giving the disabled community exposure to sailing. He sailed in many races including a race to Hawaii with an all-disabled crew. Bob has worked on many committees including the Diversity Committee for DOD, Citizens Review Committee for the city of San Diego, and San Diego Foundation for Change. He found the love of his life, Carol, and together they met Beth and joined the Stream. Their lives have been transforming moment by moment ever since.