Carol  Hollan, MD

Carol Hollan, MD

Born in Alabama, Carol decided to be a plastic surgeon when she was six years old after a casual conversation with a World War II nurse. After medical school, she practiced family medicine for four years before beginning six years of surgical training at UC San Diego. During her thirty years as a plastic surgeon, she has loved hand and reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgery. For many years, she has participated in a surgical field program in Mexico to correct childhood deformities. While there was physical transformation in her cosmetic patients, there was not necessarily life transformation – healed broken hearts, improved marriages, heightened self esteem. In 2001, in a search for her own personal transformation and higher consciousness, Carol met Beth Green. Through her work with Beth and The Stream, Carol has integrated Stream principles into both her personal life and her work. But it’s her own warmth and caring that have made her beloved by patients and friends alike.