Vered  Neta

Vered Neta

Vered Neta co-founder of Open Circles Academy in Amsterdam, an international center for business, financial & personal success. A High Performance Specialist, she coaches & trains small business owners & entrepreneurs to extraordinary success. Vered’s book is Financial Independence for Women: Taking Control of Your Money. Early in her career, Vered rose to high levels of leadership in organizations in her native Israel. She gained confidence and learned the keys to running a successful business. Soon she began to ask herself the question: Is this all there is? She wanted to have more meaning her life, and discovered that success is easy when you know how. Vered’s ephiphany evolved into a highly successful business, helping others to achieve their dreams. Today, Vered says the new economy is providing opportunities for women entrepreneurs to excel. Want to know more? Join Cheryl Esposito with Vered Neta on Leading Conversations radio to learn keys to success and financial independence.