R. David  Hofferberth

R. David Hofferberth

R. David Hofferberth, PE, founder and a Managing Director at Service Performance Insight, has over 30 years of experience in information technology as an industry analyst, market consultant, and product director. He is focused on the services economy; in particular, white-collar productivity issues and technologies that help people perform at their highest capacity. In 1999 Dave introduced the solution area now known as Professional Services Automation (PSA) when he published the seminal report, Professional Services Automation: Increasing Efficiencies and Profitability in Professional Services Organizations. He co-authored the groundbreaking Professional Service Maturity Model™ benchmark, now in its sixth year, used by more than 6,000 project-oriented organizations to diagnose and improve performance. Dave is the father of a 17-year old son who was diagnosed with severe autism at age three, but who has developed into a teenager many would never consider ‘autistic’.