Nola  Hennessy

Nola Hennessy

Nola is an advocate for people everywhere; people of all ages and every walk of life. As a successful and insightful multi-award-winning international business woman and author, Nola is not only globally recognized for delivering outstanding results against the strongest adversity, she is enduringly passionate about teaching and inspiring her fellow human beings to live lives of positivity, compassion and love. Founding Managing Director/Member and Chief Executive Officer, Nola Hennessy, is the Principal Consultant with Serenidad Consulting®. Soon to be based at The Peace Ranch™ in Texas USA, Nola travels globally to support her clients and business associates; raise awareness of the “hard” topics; support the promotion of her books; deliver keynotes, presentations and training; and grow the organization’s presence and positive impact around the world. Nola’s clients since the mid 70′s are spread across all major industry and government business groups, educational institutions and scientific bodies. Nola has received 33 literary awards since 2011 with her Autobiography/Memoir receiving 17, including ‘Best Autobiography’ in two USA Book Festivals.