Tanya Mann  Rennick

Tanya Mann Rennick

Tanya Mann Rennick, an entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, has spoken at the House of Lords, the European Parliament, and visited 10 Downing Street. Yet just 3 years ago, Tanya was an unknown single mother of 3, who had achieved none of this. Deserted by her father at birth and believing she was the cause of the marriage break-down, Tanya became another troublesome kid on the block. As a rebel teen, she messed with drugs and alcohol, and by the age of 21, was under the spell of a violent man, who abandoned her just before she gave birth to their baby. Determined to turn her life around and create success, Tanya founded The Oyster Club in 2010, London’s most exciting and stylish business networking club. Last year, in just 6 weeks from conception to implementation, she founded The Love Brigade, helping London’s homeless. In demand as an international speaker, Tanya will reveal her story, and how the “STARR” Principle turned her life around and now enables others to do the same.