Edward  Cone

Edward Cone

Edward Cone is a Managing Editor and Senior Analyst covering business technology at Oxford Economics, which means he manages research projects about what works and what doesn’t, and what comes next in the IT world. Ed spent more than two decades as a journalist in New York, France, and North Carolina, including stints as a contributing editor at Wired, an editor and writer at Ziff Davis, and a staff writer at Forbes. He also free-lanced for a bewildering variety of publications on everything from rock-climbing to politics, and wrote a weekly opinion column for the News & Record in his hometown of Greensboro, NC. As one of the first journalists with a blog, he published the semi-popular Edcone.com for longer than seems reasonable. He still likes his 2003 case study (http://bit.ly/12nBJy) on the Howard Dean presidential campaign because it documents the dawn of the social media era and even gets some predictions right.