Stacy  Keeping

Stacy Keeping

I'm Stacy Keeping and have been working with Pat and Bryce to help change my life. I met them in Oct 2010 for work. A few months later I felt my job was ending, my marriage was bad, I hated life, and didn't know where to turn. I called Pat and asked for help. Since then, for the last couple years, I have been healing physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually and looking back at where I was blows my mind. My marriage is better than ever, we are learning to communicate and are happy. I am now appreciating what I have. I have wanted to be a mom but we couldn't make it happen, even with fertility treatment. I worked with Pat and Bryce to let go of that want and accept what I have been given. A few months into healing, I remember talking about vitro plans and saying how if we couldn't have a child naturally then I would accept I wasn't meant to be a parent. A week later, a test, two pink lines and 9 months Aug 2012 our baby girl was born. Thanks for making my life the best its been.