Peter  Daly-Dickson

Peter Daly-Dickson

Peter Daly-Dickson lives in Coventry, England and is a husband, dad and step-dad. He runs several successful businesses including, home of the original £1Million Note, and SBO International which, amongst others, publishes The Small Business Owner magazine on the iPad and iPhone - When he's not busy at home or work he loves to run, with a marathon PB of 3:41. Here are some words to give you a feel and a flavour of 'Pete'! love, kindness, family, Andrea, Tom, Gabby, Joe, Isaac, open, supportive, communication, running, marathons, feel good, connection, value, films, travel, fun, attraction, camping, community, potential, expansive, red wine, friends, trombone, Hong Kong, big picture, seaside, technology, passion, spontaneous, serendipity, confidence, optimist, collaboration, acting, tall, smile, integrity, make it work, solitude, energy, personal growth