Carol  Calvert

Carol Calvert

Carol Calvert, Light Visionary Carol is a Founding Ambassador for Elan Energetics, a light technology, and opened the first light room in the US in Charlotte, NC. Carol works with the public, practitioners and professionals who are embracing this revolution in healthcare. She loves watching people's eyes light up when they realize they don't have to suffer. That light based technology can shift their physical health as well as their mental, emotional and spiritual lives. A degreed educator, Carol's knowledge in various healing modalities enhances her light therapy practice. She is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach and Reiki Master certified in various biofeedback machines such as the German Bioenergy device. Carol personally practices various energy modalities, such as Toltec and Ho’oponopono. She is a former educator and advocate for ADD in children and adults. As a leader, her passion has lead her to create spiritual education and synergy in the community of Charlotte and surrounding communities.