Eva  Orner

Eva Orner

Eva Orner is tall and slim and looks like the girl next door but is actually gutsy, feisty and confident enough to spend many months in the middle of war-torn Afghanistan to direct this documentary. And she didn't have helmets and flak jackets and submachine guns, Eva had a camera. To make matters worse from the Afghan perspective, she is very much a woman, in a country where women in any profession are an extremely endangered species. To sum her up in male parlance this girl is ballsy. Let me tell you a little about Eva. She is an Australian film producer and director based in Los Angeles. Apart from her Academy award for Taxi to the Darkside, her works include the multi-award-winning Untold Desires, Strange Fits of Passion which was nominated for the critics awarded the Cannes Film Festival and Gonzo, The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S Thompson”. Eva is one highly talented lady.