Elizabeth  Treeheart

Elizabeth Treeheart

Elizabeth Treeheart is a believer in healing the body, mind and spirit, with the understanding that the more one heals, the clearer one becomes to better serve others. She relocated to Bonsall, CA, 3 years ago to become a permanent resident in the spiritual community, The Stream Center for the New Spirituality. Her educational experience includes athletic training, and she’s been working as a physical therapist for the past 20 years. She recently opened a private practice for holistic physical therapy, which includes traveling to peoples’ homes and using hands-on techniques. She is also training to become an Intuitive Counselor-Hypnotherapist to help address the healing of mind and spirit, which will be integrated into her business. Elizabeth is qualified to talk about being mean as she is working on old patterns of facing negative things about herself for which she blame others, especially those closest to her, so that she can try to avoid seeing and admitting her own meanness.