Jeff  Bander

Jeff Bander

As a 2013 recipient of the ARF Great Mind Award, and Next Gen Market Research Disruptive Innovation Award, Sticky has been recognized for its disruptive innovations in technology. Sticky President, Jeff Bander, has over 20 years of experience helping companies solve their biggest problems, how to efficiently and affordably increase market share and ROI, with broad-based expertise in neuromarketing and biometric market research. Through the course of his career Jeff has helped hundreds of companies as Senior Vice President Client Services at NeuroFocus, Vice President at Cox Interactive Media and 10 years at BellSouth. Jeff is a lover of new technology that helps bring real answers to his clients. Jeff went to the University of Georgia on a wrestling scholarship. He lives in beautiful Brooklyn, NY. Sticky is his latest disruptive research technology, which opens the eyes of consumers to help major brand marketers and agencies optimize their online branding campaigns.