Joel  Landi

Joel Landi

Joel Landi is a modern-day renaissance man. He's been a motorcycle racer, stunt driver, triathlete, pilot, leader of high-risk water rescues, motivational Ministry leader, US Navy survival training officer and the face of major consumer brand ad campaigns. Joel's adult life has been about pushing himself past his own limits and taking calculated risks. He has learned that through taking risks one can reap valuable rewards in life. With this experience Joel has formed The Performance Group where he serves his clients as a leading performance coach. Whereas other performance coaches work in predominantly one-on-one sessions, Joel infuses his coaching with an element of adventure through exhilarating excursions, whether on a racetrack at 165mph, riding over the Rockies, or jumping out of an airplane. Joel determines exactly what his clients want to change about themselves and helps snap them out of their lulls to find deeper fulfillment. Learn more at