Erica  Myers

Erica Myers

Erica Myers was born in Australia and grew up in BC, Canada and Southern California. She was a competitive swimmer for 10 years, which naturally evolved into her becoming a swimming teacher. Compelled to leave the field several times to engage in a variety of different work and life experiences, she always returned to the water bringing the wealth of those experiences with her. The result is that she has accumulated over 30 years of aquatic experience and offers a broad spectrum of possibilities to people of all ages, abilities and many disabilities. However, more than once she has been offered the guidance that her knowledge in this field needs to be shared with other instructors. She reflects that she has been defiantly deaf to the universe by hiding from opportunities to evolve in the very arena that she loves. She has now been given the extraordinary experience of facing death twice in order to learn to fight for herself and to stop settling for less than is being asked of her. Website: