Angela  Bussio

Angela Bussio

At the age of 45, Angela graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. To her dismay, she found the practical applications of traditional psychology and use of psych medications were only effective in quelling only some of the most acute symptoms. Angela began a journey for healing that led her to read almost 100 books and experience as many programs. This passionate, determined quest led her to the discovery of a new genre of psychology called “Energy Psychology.” It was the through the application of several of these techniques- that she was able to completely heal. Angela became certified on a master level. She started a life coaching practice using these techniques in conjunction with her knowledge of brain and body processes and the powerful laws of Newtonian and Quantum physics to assist those who were suffering. She helped them learn to heal and re-create their lives. Angela appears as a Life Coach on a local morning television show, and conducts addiction group workshops.