Sheri  Vie, Ph.D.

Sheri Vie, Ph.D.

Born in South Africa of Indian lineage, Sheri Vie, Ph.D., focuses on Yoga, the Science of Self Realization, to regenerate the mind and unleash the power of human possibilities. A former Swiss medical device scientist, she retrained to natural health scientist after losing her father to heart disease and helping her mother recover from breast cancer. She devotes her 20 years of global research findings, education, training, and food and herbal formulations to activating your natural organic human potential. Dr. Vie is passionate about mountains and has climbed the Himalayas, African ranges, North American Rockies and Swiss Alps. She holds a post-doctorate specializing in medical devices and is a Swiss patent holder. Dr. Vie furthered her doctoral education in natural medicine (Ayurveda, Homeopathy and TCM). She is now focused on holistic medicine and is actively involved in the research and development of brain enhancing products and programs for sustainable health.