Nick  Ramil

Nick Ramil

After graduating from University, Tim Nybo and Nick Ramil decided to embark an adventurous business path. Rather that pursue the traditional corporate path, they packed their belongings and moved half-way around the world to Guangzhou, China. They didn't know what they were going to do. They just knew China was a new frontier with a booming economy. Tim and Nick have been living and working in Guangzhou for three years. Admittedly, moving from the comfort of their home to a culture completely different was a challenge. Once they got over the initial culture shock, their lifestyle evolved into something stimulating and new. Simple activities such as grocery shopping or going to work turned into wild adventures. They founded Royal American Wines, which represents and distributes American wineries in China and provides Chinese businesses consulting services; and World of Wine, a video based wine education membership site. Visit their website