Sean  Park

Sean Park

Sean Park is a leading independent thinker on the future of financial services, the author of The ParkParadigm, and the co-founder of Anthemis Group SA. Over the next decade and beyond, a tremendous opportunity exists to profit from the emergence of a new paradigm in financial services and markets. Disruptive business models, products and services - enabled by exponential improvements in technology - will fundamentally challenge incumbent firms and market structures. These new approaches will drive a reconfiguration of the financial industry and the structure of many markets within the wider economy. Anthemis Group was created in September 2010 specifically to take advantage of this opportunity with the ambition to build the world’s first “digitally native” financial services group: a group of companies and businesses uniquely adapted to profit from the emerging competitive landscape of the Information Age. Sean is also a founding investor in innovative companies such as Betfair, WeatherBill and BankSimple and has extensive experience investing in and advising start-up and high growth companies in addition to over 16 years of experience working at a senior level in capital markets and investment banking. Building businesses has been a key theme throughout his career.