Micky  Malka

Micky Malka

Micky Malka is the founder and sole General Partner of Ribbit Capital, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm with a single relentless mission: to drive global innovation in financial services. Ribbit believes the category is profoundly under-innovated and supports entrepreneurs who have already launched the businesses of the future. Its inaugural $100 million fund aims to leverage technology to reimagine and reinvent what financial services can be for people and businesses, with a focus on the unique individuals and brands who are driving innovation around the world in lending, payments, insurance, accounting, tax preparation and personal financial management. Malka has over two decades of global experience in the financial services industry. He started five financial services companies – his first at the age of 18 – in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. He lived through hyperinflation in Venezuela and Brazil, where he witnessed more than half of the banks in his home country fail. As a result, he strives to help create tangible solutions and financial reform for the antiquated industry.