Damien  Mander, IAPF

Damien Mander, IAPF

Damien served as a Special Operations Sniper and Clearance Diver in the Australian Defense Force. Deployed in Iraq, he Project Managed the Iraq Special Police Training Academy, of up to 700 cadets at one time. Following 3 years on the frontlines of the Iraq war he departed in 2008 with no new direction in life. A trip to Africa left him face-to-face with the horrors that the worlds wildlife is facing.

Liquidating his personal assets from his time in the military, he founded the IAPF The organization focuses on ranger training and operations and integrating modern solutions to conservation. Today, Damien is a soldier turned environmental activist living in Africa. He spends several months each year back home in Australia with family and spreading the word about the environmental struggle we face as a global community.

Watch Damien’s compelling TEDX Sydney IAPF presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FCsyK4aRXQ