Joakim  Hauge

Joakim Hauge

Mr. Joakim Hauge (born 1973) is the Chief Executive Officer for The Sahara Forest Project. Hauge holds an MSc in biology from Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis at the University of Oslo. He has a broad experience on issues related to innovation and biology from non-governmental and private sectors and has previously been advising national and international institutions such as the EU Biofuels Technology Platform. Hauge has been a driving force in bringing the concept of “restorative growth” onto the political arena. He has lectured widely on the subject of innovation and sustainable solutions to combat climate changes and i.e. delivered talks at the UN side events at the Climate Negotiations in Qatar 2012 (COP18 Doha). Hauge has been featured extensively in international media such as CNN, Al Jazeera, Science, CCTV, France24, MSNBC, New Scientist, VPRO and Financial Times.