Yaron  Eppel

Yaron Eppel

Yaron Eppel is the CEO and co-founder of Mobideo Technologies Ltd., an enterprise mobility platform providing real time situational awareness of critical operations. Prior to Mobideo, Yaron was the CEO and co-founder of Mobideo Solutions Ltd., providing consulting and custom development of mobile enterprise solutions to companies worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies. An expert in enterprise mobility and business process management, Yaron is often invited to speak at industry events. Prior to founding Mobideo, Yaron served as the CEO of Milo, a leading consulting company; VP Business Development of The Kidum group, Israel's largest private education organization; CEO of one of Kidum's subsidiaries; and VP of Marketing and Sales of Barkan Engineering. Yaron holds degrees in Economics, Geography and Business Management from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.