Lawrence  Davidson

Lawrence Davidson

Lawrence Davidson became a member of Jane Robert’s ESP class in December 1972 and continued to attend until the class ended in 1975. For Lawrence, that experience is so completely wrapped up into the fabric of who he is, that, without it, he is sure he would not have had the joyful and energetic life that he has enjoyed so far. When his friend and spiritual father, Robert F. Butts, passed over in 2008, that passing left a very big hole in his life. His local Bay Area Seth Community helped to heal this loss for him. As a result, he decided to organize an annual Seth Conference in the San Francisco Bay Area to help especially young people apply the Seth Material in their daily lives and understand it on a gut level. One of his goals is to bring together other ESP class members to share their experiences about what it was like to be part of the magical experience that was Jane’s class in Elmira on those amazing Tuesday evenings.