Lucy  Whittington

Lucy Whittington

After many years of being ‘good’ at marketing - working for start-ups and international Plcs, getting overqualified with an MBA, and running her own website & marketing business since 2005 - Lucy realised her ‘Thing’ was seeing other people’s ‘Thing’ and transforming that into super charged businesses. She sees clearly how business owners and entrepreneurs can move forward doing what they are brilliant at, even when they can’t see it themselves! This is now known as ‘Getting Lucyd’ and is all part of the Being a Business Celebrity experience. It’s all about profiting from your personality. When she’s not Thinging, speaking, running events, working closely with business celebrities, spending too much time on Facebook and eating cake the other things Lucy loves are her two ‘small people’. She also loves living by the seaside—and loves reminding everyone of that too!