David  Zeitler

David Zeitler

David Zeitler, is founder and President of Zeitler Executive Dynamix, an executive coaching firm with a focus on sustainable leadership transformation. He also serves as Director of Coaching for Minds at Work, www.mindsatwork.com. David’s powerful approach comes from his unique blend of knowledge and experience from multiple disciplines. He spent years studying mindfulness practices with a focus on mind-body integration, including mediation and martial arts. He integrates these somatic-cognitive-emotional practices with his knowledge from his undergraduate training in neuroscience. David has worked with executives in healthcare, education, government, banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, and strategic consulting across corporate, non-profit, public, and private sectors. He currently divides his time between coaching leaders and advancing the coaching industry through research, publications, and training. Learn more about David’s work at www.mindfullnesscoach.biz.