Lisbeth  Hultmann

Lisbeth Hultmann

Lisbeth Hultmann, is a professional opera singer, gestalt therapist, public speaker, and published author in Denmark. A deep passion and long-lasting interest for The Human Voice has driven her to challenge, seek and investigate the human voice and energy pattern and to discover an agreement between voice, feelings, thoughts and behavior. She has created The Voice Method which she has demonstrated in TV, radio and magazines over time. The focus of her work is to show that by working creatively with the voice, one can dissolve physical as well as psychological obstacles, thereby stimulating learning processes and personal growth. The Power of the Voice describes the relationship between voice and behavior. It is the first book to identify common voice types and the personality types that correlate with them, and the book provides specific exercises for each voice type that can help bring health and wholeness to both the voice and the person.