Ken  Ring

Ken Ring

Ken Ring, from Auckland, New Zealand is a former mathematics teacher who, while living an outdoor life with his family in the 1970s, “stumbled over” a long range weather forecasting system using ancient principles in astrology. In 1999 he published the first of his annual Weather Almanacs and in 2002 he established Predict Weather Limited which now supplies farmers with data more meaningful than a day-before forecasting system. The Australian almanacs began in 2007; the Ireland version in 2010. Ken is still the only published long range forecaster in these three countries and presents at conferences throughout Australia and NZ. He has weekly and monthly spots on a number of regional radio stations in NZ, Australia and Ireland, as well as being a regular face on Australia’s Channel’s Nine and Seven. He also has monthly columns in magazines and regional newspapers. The almanacs have a strong following amongst the many whose business or leisure activities are affected by the weather.