Aila  Accad

Aila Accad

Aila Accad, RN, MSN, is an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author and certified life coach, who began her quest for the purpose of life at age nine. Insatiable curiosity led her to spend most of her time and money intensely exploring numerous wisdom paths, becoming an energy healer and stress expert in the process. As president & founder of LifeQuest International, LLC, she synthesizes and shares her learning through uniquely simple experiences and humor that inspires people to hear and heed their soul’s calling. Thousands have achieved self-knowledge and stress freedom through her groundbreaking process; “Breaking the Perfection Myth” and bestselling books “34 Instant Stress-Busters: Quick tips to de-stress fast with no extra time or money” and “The Call of The Soul: A path to knowing your true self and your life’s purpose.” As stress expert and wisdom maven,she is a popular keynote speaker and radio and television guest.