Simon  Treselyan

Simon Treselyan

This is really one extraordinary guy. For 19 years he was a special forces commander with the British Secret Service specializing in undercover work and interrogation. He took on the bad guys in all the world's trouble spots including the Taliban. When he left the service, he began to write books and was in demand in the media across the world. It is his new book, The Order Of The Nefilim, that is causing quite a commotion. It is already a blockbuster bestseller, is being likened to a cross between the Da Vinci Code and the Bourne Identity and Simon is being called the new Dan Brown But there's another side to Simon that I think is what makes him special. Despite being a big tough guy and having spent years in a tough, dirty, brutal business, the guys as soft as butter and has a giant heart. Simon has assembled a number of former special forces operatives who are focused on saving children from sex traffickers and people smugglers, particularly in Asia. He is one hell of a guy.