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Judy Keating

Judy has spent close to half her life in personal growth work and has been active in group facilitation for the last sixteen years. She is an author, facilitator and nature based coach, a form of life coaching that uses the big “medicine” of the natural world in order to bring people to their core truth, their essential self--their north star. She is a Reiki Master in both Usei and Karuna Reiki. She is a certified creation coach, facilitator and expert through the Natural Rhythms Institute. Judy was trained as a life coach by O magazine’s Martha Beck. Judy’s practice is called Inner Life Coaching where she assists her clients to reconnect to their joy, life force and ease by reacquainting them with their own inner world through experiences, tools, play and introspection. Judy uses her innate presence, intuition, life experience with physical limitations and heart to help her clients overcome their own challenges. Judy’s website is