Chris  Worman

Chris Worman

Based in Eastern Europe since 2006, Chris Worman, Director of Program Development for TechSoup, has been exploring new ways of approaching social change through technology in the region. Perhaps most interesting has been localizing TechSoup’s Challenge model, which sources innovative social benefit technologies. Since 2010, more than 400,000 individuals have visited Challenge sites, approximately 3 million have been reached through social media, 1,000 ideas have been pitched, and 60 have been selected, built, launched and mentored (example: Before bringing TechSoup into Romania in 2009, Chris launched Romania’s first community foundation and spent several years in the Carpathians establishing social enterprises. He is a board member of the Grantmakers East Forum and a frequent speaker on citizen-driven movements, NGO and social-enterprise development, and the roles of technology and philanthropy in social change.