Ben  Weisbuch

Ben Weisbuch

Ben Weisbuch suffered his first episode of sudden cardiac arrest or SCA on July 18, 2010. His wife Miranda saved his life. Ben spent five days in a coma and underwent heart surgery, but managed to walk out of the hospital under his own power. Over the next three years, Ben survived over 140 separate episodes of SCA. He came close to death several times, suffering sepsis, kidney and liver failure, and six heart surgeries. One night a rabbi prayed over Ben expecting him to die. Genetic testing and research helped save Ben’s life. It also reassured Ben and Miranda that their son would not have the gene that caused Ben’s SCA. Armed with this information Ben and Miranda were able to have more children without fear of SCA. In 2014, Ben and Miranda co-founded the Heart Hope Foundation. They wanted to provide other families with the same access to the best genetic care and preventative medicine available. They wanted to fund genetic cardiac research to eventually eradicate SCA.