Susanne  Gargiulo

Susanne Gargiulo

Susanne Gargiulo is co-founder and president of StoryLounge Media, a storytelling and consulting firm that works with companies to identify and develop corporate social responsibility and communication strategies grounded in their unique fingerprint of values, vision, and core competencies. She believes in CSR and storytelling as a driver for transformation, both internally and externally. Her approach is to identify the core of a company's 'heart', and then help them identify the best CSR and storytelling - to support their core business objectives. This involves connecting them to their passion, and 'spotting' the one thing that makes them unique. Susanne is a former CNN senior television producer and journalist who has written extensively about the future of corporate leadership, and corporate social responsibility. She is also a certified executive team coach, with a focus on creating high performance teams. For more information, please visit