Robert  Waghmare

Robert Waghmare

Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross are META-Health Master Trainers and Directors of the META-Health Academy. They are leading innovators in the field of META-Health and mind-body approaches to personal development who passionately share their knowledge and understanding. From Robert’s background in Engineering and Business Systems and Joanne’s in teaching, they were among the first to engage with META-Health back in 2005. They are leading developers in META-Health, creating the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process and Health Thresholds Model, and co-developing META-Kinetics, an advanced system of Kinesiology. Based in the UK they run regular training programmes, provide individual coaching and have published numerous articles on mind-body health and personal development. Their unique approach synthesises META-Health with Life and Wellness Coaching, NLP, EFT and other advanced systems. They are enthusiastic and inspiring trainers with a deep knowledge and understanding of META-Health!