Shantam Nityama

Shantam Nityama is a Reiki master, chi gong energy worker, tantra and spiritual teacher. He has led Tantric workshops internationally for the last 16 years. Nityama is also a master body-worker with 27 years experience in numerous healing modalities.

His diverse background includes, Reiki Master, Polarity Therapy, Body Talk, Advanced Medical Qi Gong, Bowen Technique, Sex to Super Consciousness Training, Neuro-structural Integration Technique. He was also a disciple of Tantric Master, Osho for 25 years. He co-facilitated workshops with Deborah Anapol, author of the book “Love Without Limits” and Founder of the Sacred Space Institute in San Rafael, CA., for six years before going solo. Nityama also leads a successful private practice in San Rafael, CA., where he offers sessions for men /women/couples, mentoring programs for men, and powerful energetic phone sessions for women.