Kim  Willis

Kim Willis

Kim Willis is a 32-year-old mother of 3 little ones. She currently works full time as a sales assistant to a financial advisor. Her children are her life: Brooklyn (9), Ethan (7), and Kaden (17 months with HLHS). They live in Terre Haute, Indiana. Kim had no idea of what congenital heart defects were or that they even existed until June 15, 2012. Kaden was born June 14, 2012. He seemed very healthy and the first 24 hours were normal. Kim inquired a few times about his cold, blue feet but was assured that that was normal for newborns. It had been 5 years since she had had a newborn so she accepted that answer. They were set to go home about noon but then it was required for pulse oximetry screening to occur and their plans changed. Because of the results of that test, the doctors realized something was wrong. That one test changed everyone’s lives in Kim’s family!