Brent  Waltz

Brent Waltz

Brent Waltz is an Indiana State Senator and Indianapolis businessman. He represents southern Marion County and northern Johnson County, which comprise the 36th Senate District of Indiana following his defeat of Senate Finance Chairman Larry Borst in the May 2004 Republican primary election. His investment banking company, The Baron Group, Inc. specializes in mergers, acquisitions and capitalization of small-to-mid-size private companies in the transportation and manufacturing industries. Senator Waltz achieved one of the greatest upsets in Indiana political history when he defeated 36-year incumbent and Senate Finance Chairman Larry Borst. Borst was one of the most powerful Indiana politicians of the 21st century. Senator Waltz defeated Borst by 38 votes in the 2004 Republican primary and then easily defeated his Democratic opponent in the November 2004 election and was reelected to a second term in 2008. Subsequently, in 2012 he won reelection for a third term.