Dara  Glagola

Dara Glagola

Dara Glagola is a nurse, the mother of 2 daughters, Rhianne and Jara and grandmother of Trevor Kaine. Jara was born in 1978 with multiple complex heart defects and other defects including dextrocardia, situs inversus, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, pulmonary atresia and malrotation of the intestines. When she was 8 hours old, the doctors gave her a Blalock-Taussig shunt and she had multiple surgeries after that, including a spinal fusion surgery for severe scoliosis. Dara’s second daughter, Rhianne, was born in 1982 and although they were assured she was healthy, later it was discovered she also has heart problems. Jara, proud of her scars, was a champion for those born with heart defects. She was the spokesperson in PA and FL for the AHA Heart Walk. She married Jeff Gilbert in January 2006 but just a year and 10 days later, while awaiting pacemaker surgery, she passed away at 28 years of age. Nothing ever prepares a family for that nightmare.