Dr. Paul A.  London

Dr. Paul A. London

Chief Economist at The Stern Group, Inc., Dr. London brings a wealth of experience to corporations, trade associations, law firms and consultancies in the manufacturing, healthcare, energy and utilities, not to mention top-level positions at the US DOC as senior policy advisor on the White House Task Force on Medical Errors, the HHS Task Force on Health Care Privacy and on interagency groups focused on healthcare costs; and as deputy undersecretary for Economics and Statistics. He served as a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute where he authored The Competition Solution, The Bipartisan Secret Behind American Prosperity; executive director of the Coalition of Northeastern Governors; deputy assist administrator for Conservation Policy at the Federal Energy Admin and DOE; and as exec. director of the New England Economic Research Office( New England Congressional Caucus). He was legislative assistant to Sen Walter F. Mondale and a US State Depart Foreign Service office.