Dennis  Merritt Jones

Dennis Merritt Jones

Throughout his lifetime, Dennis Merritt Jones has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a higher expression of life. His personal vision is to guide people to their purpose, knowing that when a person fully awakens to who they are and why they are on the planet, they begin to naturally share their gift with humankind and, in the process, create an enriching life for themselves and the world around them. Dennis' book, The Art of Uncertainty ~ How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It ~ released on June 9, 2011. The book is the recipient of many awards: the Natulius Silver Award; finalist in the Multiple Sclerosis Society Books for a Better Life; and, lst runner-up in the 2012 Books for Conscious Living and the award winning author of The Art of Being ~ 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life. The Art of Being. Dennis believes we each have the capacity and responsibility to contribute something positive to this world, leaving it a better than it was when we arrived.