Tom  Borger

Tom Borger

Over his career Tom Borger has helped numerous start-ups and small to mid-cap companies find their footing. Some of his specialties include sourcing and securing funding, business process stabilization and selection of employees at all levels who are “culture fits.” Tom’s mind set is that of visioning for the long haul…and executing to ensure the vision is realized. He never shies away from conflict and¬at the same time¬understands collaboration far better than most Entrepreneurial Executives. Tom’s story includes many relocations, many successes, some notable less-than-successful ventures and family responsibilities that would test any human’s ethics and commitments. On the formal side, Tom has served as a Consultant and in senior positions with companies such as Kewl Innovations, Net.Orange, Baleo, Health Systems Technologies, TSS, Uniplex, Businessland, MBI and Xerox. He is a board member of CEO Netweavers, a member of the MBA Program Associate Board at the SMU Cox School of Business, a member of MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group.